inchirieri auto otopeni
Rent a Car in Otopeni Airport, Romania

You can rent a car directly in the Otopeni International Airport, from Bucharest and have it delivered in the International Arrivals Area. During the working days this option is provided free of charge, between the business hours. During weekend days the delivery and pickup fee is just 10 Euro. The extra hours fee, also known as night fee, is 5 Euro and it covers the deliveries and pickup events outside of the normal business hours when our agency is normally closed. Our regular schedule is between 9:00 - 17:00 but we can deliver and collect cars 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Our car rental agents will wait for you next to the Information Desk of the Airport, located in the International Arrivals Terminal. They will display the main features of the rental car, prepare the rental agreement, the invoice and receipts, and they will collect the payment. The deposit will be frozen (pre-autorised) on your credit or debit card upon the delivery of the vehicle, and will be released when the car is returned.

otopeni The meeting takes place at the hour filled-in in the booking form, in front of the Information Desk from Arrivals where our rental agent will wait for your arrival.

masini The car is handed on to the driver, the contract is signed, receipts and documents are provided to the customer, and a brief introduction of the main car features takes place.

bucuresti Our rental delivery agent will hand on the car documents to the customer and receive the payment for the rental days, and freeze the refundable deposit on the customer's card (debit or credit).

We also have a rent a car office with a dedicated parking approximately 150 meters from the International Departures area, so feel free to visit us for last minute bookings..
Our price INCLUDES the following:
VAT and Airport Surcharge Insurance Road Tax